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I'm ready to find a job

I’m Ready to Find a Job

Begin your job search today! Browse thousands of local job opportunities available across all islands.

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I just graduated

I Just Graduated. What’s My Next Move?

Resources for figuring out your next step after high school, college, or a training program.

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I want to get training or education for a different job

I Want To Get More Training or Education

Upskill, reskill, or get more training in Hawaii's growing, in-demand industries.

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I want to attend a virtual job fair or event

I Want an Internship or Apprenticeship

Browse available internships and apprenticeships throughout the State of Hawaii.

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I need support or relief

I Need Support or Relief

Browse a curated list of available support and relief resources available to Hawaii residents.

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Stay Informed

Keep updated with the latest jobs, resources, and training to keep you moving forward.