Explore Hawaii’s In-Demand Industries

Automotive & Transportation

Short-term certification programs can help you get started today in a career in the Automotive & Transportation Industry.

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Construction workers looking at a blueprint

Building & Construction

A wide range of careers at every level of experience is available in one of Hawaii's fastest-growing industries.

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Business & Finance

Careers in Business & Finance offer a range of possibilities, including becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own business.

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Creative Media & Design

A wide-range of careers are available in Hawaii for creative and artistic individuals.

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Choose a career in Education to help shape Hawaii's future generations.

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Be a part of creating Hawaii's sustainable future with a career in Clean Energy.

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Demand for engineers in Hawaii is projected to be strong. Learn what it takes to become an engineer.

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A career in healthcare provides a stable, rewarding career path in one of Hawaii's most in-demand industries.

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Natural Resources

Preserve and sustain our aina's natural resources with a career in this exciting, emerging industry.

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There are a broad range of careers at every level of experience in Hawaii's fast-growing Technology industry.

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