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Organization: Plumbers & Fitters UA Local 675
Island: Oahu
Plumbers design, install, repair and maintain piping systems such as soil, waste, vent, potable water, grey water, reclaimed wastewater, gas systems (medical, propane and natural) in residential, commercial, industrial buildings and at utility sites. Plumbing tasks require the ability to assemble, install, maintain and repair pipes, fixtures, appurtenances and heating appliances, as well as sanitary and storm drainage systems. A plumber requires analytical and problem-solving skills to make the correct decisions in the installation and repair of plumbing systems. The protection of public health, safety and welfare is a plumber’s primary responsibility.
Who Can Apply: Age 17+ High school diploma or GED School Transcripts Pass placement evaluation with a minimum score of 70% Driver’s license.
Duration: 10,000
Address: 720 Iwilei Road, Suite 222 Honolulul, HI 96817
Phone: (808) 456-0585

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